About Us

My name is Dianna and my husband and I just had our second baby when we decided we would like to do something that benefited other mums and bubs but allowed me to stay at home and spend time with the kids.

At the same time Michelle and Sabina were looking for someone to take over the All For Kids Market. Being a life long market bargain hunter, it seemed like the perfect opportunity!

My husband Gerry is from Ireland - we met when he began working at the company I worked for. Almost 10 years later we are married with two little kids running around! We have a little boy named Cillian aged 2 ½ and a cheeky girl Chloe who is 8 months.

We’re so excited about the All For Kids Market and continuing Michelle and Sabina’s great work creating this community that benefits so many. My only concern is that I may not have time to shop for bargains!

We look forward to meeting you at a market soon and please come up and say hello!