Selling tips and information to make your day a success!

Your stall

The stall size is 2.3metres wide x 1.1metre deep – this allows for a table approx 1.8m x 80cm, an extra 1⁄2 metre beside the table for a clothes rack, and 30cm in front of your table for display.

You can bring any size table you wish as long as it fits into the size of your stall which is 2.3m x 1.1m.  Most people do tend to stick with a standard trestle table that you buy from Bunnings or Officeworks which is approximately 1.8m x 80cm.

On the day

We open the doors to stallholders from 7:30am and close them by 8.30am.  You will need to be set up by 8:50am to begin trading at 9am until 1pm. Pack up is between 1pm and 1.30pm. Stallholders are not permitted to pack up prior to 1pm.

For best results, price your items at the lowest price that you are prepared to take. Most customers come looking for bargains and you are much more likely to walk away with cash if your items are well priced. Also, be prepared to bargain and be flexible! Keep it simple, price low and sell lots! Better a dollar in your pocket than none at all!

Ensure that your items are neat, tidy and in good condition. When pricing your items, consider the brand, how old it is, the quality and be realistic!

Please ensure you cover your table with a tablecloth or sheet.

Organise your stall in the most efficient way you can, do not overload your table. Make it easy for customers to look through your items. It is better to bring more items out as you go along rather than putting them all out at the one time.

Group items together according to size, type or cost. It is a good idea to place a small sign on the front of a basket/clothes rack that describes items and brands (e.g. Boys Shirts, Sizes 3-5, Brands include Esprit, Country Road, Pumkin Patch).

Make sure that everything is clearly labelled with a price tag, either individually or together (e.g. everything on this rack $4). People are more likely to buy if they can see how much something is rather than having to ask.

You can place goods under your table but make sure they do not stick out too far into the walkway. Do not make it too hard for customers to get through to your table or they just won't come!

Remember to be proactive, offer to help customers find sizes, recommend items and smile!

Only offer items of good quality, do not offer items for sale which need fixing or are missing parts. Only sell what you would buy  yourself. We will kindly ask you to remove items which we deem unsuitable. 

Large items

We provide a dedicated area for all large items, (i.e. change tables, cots etc). Each stall is entitled to a maximum of three items in this area. Your items may need to be displayed unassembled due to space restrictions. It is recommended that you attach a photo to your item if it is important to be seen assembled.

The large items label (with instructions), are available on our website. Hover over the Book a Stall tab and click on Stallholder Information. Open the large items pdf and print out as many as you need.

It will be easier for you to prepare these at home, but if you can’t, we will have some available on the day.

Although great care is taken, the organiser shall not be held responsible for theft, loss or damage of large items.

Prior buying

It is frustrating for stallholders to have people looking through their things before they are set-up, so please refrain from buying from other stallholders before the market is open

Getting people to your stall

To make your day a success (and profitable!), please ensure you promote your market date as much as possible. Please share our Facebook page (including your market date event page) and our website. Promotional flyers and posters are available for download, please print these and distribute them at your local kinder, school, work place, supermarket etc.

Stall location

We will send out an email the Monday prior to market day detailing what to to on the day, a map of the venue and your stall holder location.